Bravery is the symphony of life’s dream coming true through all that may the diversions and decay 

Bravery is finding a way out of the whirlwind of demands from each and every angle – make that income worth while – don’t be afraid to smile. 

Bravery is the blade which cuts through irreversible knots and webs, tangled beyond reasonable proportions where everything becomes a distorted.

Bravery is kindness and humility through all that may have lead us astray in the name of an endless selfish devotion 
Bravery is when the desire to live a dream becomes too real, for time is limited and short – yet all ours to steal. Ignore the distractions setting ambitions adrift like that of the flight of a swift in the wake of a dying summer to make way for the wintery fall

Bravery is not taught or earnt but a result of consequence where confidence blooms and ignites an everlasting fire. 


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