Oh, baritone

Oh baritone with a voice of silk and fire

Resonating the sensations resembling warming fires

What desires of simple pleasures could a single voice ignite

With all the depth, power, and might

From fingertips to toes so much emotion overflows

On the edge of great applause to a mystified crowd

Oh baritone of quintessential beauty with origins a complete mystery

To what end will he decree the powers behind his voice of sheer divinity

A song or aria await for his moment to command, beckoning melodies

Exquisite harmonies to lead the senses astray and imaginings to roam freely

Without distraction or fear

As such a voice sets the world alight with the power of his vocal might

What a sight to behold nobody was able to have foretold

Be brave, be bold, regardless of whatever label has been sold

For he is the master of this poetry symphony

An elegance rich in delicate wonders

Eyes are closed as the astonishment sinks in

Such a man is he to raise light within the very darkness of the dim

Oh baritone, what temptations resided within thee

Of excitement, mystery, and adventure for all of us to see

Suit and tie, mighty fine figure of luxury so difficult to define

Sublime is he with the coffee black curls, a crown of glory for all to see

Oh baritone, forget all reservations and past devastations

For now is the time for elevation, a master in creation, such a voice only one such as he

Could produce, astonishing in simplicity, an everlasting influence to infinity

A creature of wonder for all to ponder

A voice so deep and low it goes down to the very floor

Simple and easy yet full of intrigue and mystery, making it impossible not to adore

Oh baritone



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