Burning Away

Burning away as the ashes cascade an exhaustion for the decade, living in this eternal masquerade 

Each day there is some sort of parade to lead us astray within a crowded fray – cares and concern becoming extinct as the minutes past by – nothing to do but survive

Burning away for a purpose with no cause – constantly in search for that round of applause. A secret confirmation that the voice has been heard, foolish really when such a notion is absurd.  
Burning away with nobody to come to aid – indifference reigns and serves to become a normality – a formality of no importance.

Burning away fairy and devotion all for that one hint of promotion – what an ironic commotion. Isolatation and reservation the sacred fragments in need of preservation, instead of all this too much information. 

Burning away as the frustrations build, sounds are made in silence, with little sign of care or tolerance. Take and never give for that would be the deadliest of sins – so here we are to reside with manufactured pride in the wake of hope burning away. 


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