If I had a heart

If I had a heart there would be no need to depart

Or surrender to the demands craving life’s commands  apart

Destined to depart, to scatter to the winds in a mental state of forgotten fate

If I had a heart no disrepute would arise nor the everlasting echos of solitude

Dreams and desires would linger in the distance waiting to be fulfilled

Not a word or sound could be so profound as the absent of someone so profound

If I had a heart

Allocated for a slot just for such occasions, when souls need not fear sudden

Desolation or continue to be in silent reservation – oh the joys of emotions termination

If I had a heart

On a scale of one to ten how far would commitments prevail

When so easily lead astray for a moment of euphoria before reality beckons us away

If I had a heart

Perhaps all would be as it should be

Instead of being locked away as a form of protection

Or else not give the impression of cold reservation

If I had a heart


Separated and protected no heart exists for it has been hidden away unknown

Perhaps to be braver and collect time as a luxury to savour




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