Louder the whispers go 

Louder the whispers go 

As the lights on the street and glow

We are on a roll

The stage is set as the door closes on regret

Don’t fret, soon it will be over

Nothing left but the fires burning to smolder

The plan is as simple as can be

Nothing like a little bit of good old fashioned thievery

The curtains are closed

Nothing left but to watch the deception unfold

Should have listened to what has been told

Forewarned and filled with scorn

Louder the whispers go

Perhaps it’s just the wind making those trees toll for our sins

The plan is as simple as can be

One, two, three the door clicks shut

Louder the whispers go

Is it time to abandon and flee

Unable to tolerate anticipation to this degree 

A moment and suddenly the spoils emerge in calming haste 

Bags packed and prepared as though there was nothing unusual about this affair 

Thievery of this nature, a future that may have been, lost for an alternative resolution, the final solution 

Now time to flee into the night, awaiting the mysteries and delights of the flight. 



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