Steps on the street

Steps on the street silent and discreet no sounds to be heard anything else would be absurd and cause quite a commotion. Oh what a notion to beheld as if the phone suddenly rings but there is no dial tone to be heard.

Steps on the street aiming to reach eloquence in the fleet, preparing for the deceit embedded in the concrete. It’s all a pretense to serve the necessary obligations of the state, guaranteed it is worth the wait.

Not much room for debate on the steps of the streets where the silence is the loudest thing to be heard, echoing in the resent and scorn, rendering all confused and forlorn. 

Brick by brick the reality concealed and never to be revealed, notifications and alerts serve to astound and distract from the true matters of facts. What better way to interact.

Steps on the streets beneath our feet silent and discrete, eyes diverted and far away, fixed on to the screens to which we all obey.


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