On the emerald paths

On the emerald paths the spotlights glitter in the cool night air

When all reservations evaporate away

Only time is the master to achieve the goal as many times as possible

To thrill and enthrall as hearts race and intensity quickens at a fast pace

To exhilarate and anticipate

In the midst of debates and commands

On the emerald paths craved to serve through the ages of a recreational getaway

For an hour or two to be lead astray until the final whistle signals the finale

Applause for the skill and form performed in all weathers

With the aims to achieve the hierarchy of all endeavours

On the emerald paths for all to observe the spectacle quite magnifique

With stories and history steeped in triumph and tragedy no matter the nature of the formality

On the emerald paths where treasures are sought to be found and victories to seek

To travel far and wide with honor and pride

Against the ever turning tide

On this emerald path hearts will race as opposition sides engage for an hour or two

To escape the demands of reality and become lost in this recreational beauty.




























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