Inexperience creating interference

Like a moth to a flame unable to pin the blame

And oh it is not for trying, living in a pretence of absetence

Now go back from where you came from

Cease and desist as the saying goes

Fragile is this life to which your presence must be dismissed

Perhaps there’s a path where three colors merge to a singular resolution

The ultimate solution to this eternal delusion – the sole source for all this

Inexperience creating interference

Oh such desolation in the wake of isolation

Perhaps it is all in vain the waiting and the praying

The pondering like an intravenous to the vein ready to drain

Savour it for now for it is mere fantasies of the mind the product of

Inexperience creating interference

Seconds go by, searching for that distraction to reach the level of satisfaction

The glances, the greetings or the gestures result in mere indignation with thoughts

Directed back to you, like a moth to a flame unable to pin the blame

Drenched in this eternal reign where again you remain whether absent or present

It is all a fascination of ridiculousness and temporary elation

Inexperience creating interference

Distractions and brief interactions fail to give satisfaction

And oh it is not for trying, immersed in the denial

Is this one of life’s trials for the foolish and ignorant

The conflicted and restricted, where only I remain guilt cause of this infliction

Can someone make a prediction, a little refuge from my mind, confined and defined

As a shattered cluster of desires and expectations, solely based on the

Inexperience creating interference

It is all about perseverance and preservation

Even in the wake of beautiful devastation

Temptations and desires mere results of chemistry

Soon the descent into memories of nothingness

There is nothing to fear for all this will soon disappear

In the wake of realization that solitude is the sole source of safety and salvation

Inexperience creating interference







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