Whispers in the dark

Whispers in the dark as the flickering flames fade in slumbering of an evening’s masquerade.

A charade upstaged in the concluding clouds committed to casting the carefree aside

Time to rebel as  the moonlight cascades over the navy and black ocean setting melancholy waves alight.

In temporary rays of solitary white light, memorable moments of purest delight.

Out of sight with no mind on thoughts or fear, in their absence liberty reigns

In the midst of carefree cheers with hearts in command to meet impossible demands

Time for a little praise with sparkling glasses raised as stars twinkle in heaven’ approval

Time is our to dismiss in the midst of Apollo’s kiss

Whispers in the dark so few and fair apart

The waves rush to the shoreline seeking to conquer and consume in the light of a full moon

Banishment has become of the gloom as the fire devours the remains of the wood in an

Intoxicating perfume, filled with mysteries and promises untold – faint reminders of Happiness from a time long ago.

Whispers in the dark as reckless continues to recede in the wake of falsehoods and deceit

Soon the expectant guests to the first King of Crete – a filling fate for the merciless and

Cruel indifference is a virtue for residence of the inferno’s retreat – where no stars sparkle and no moon is to be seen – only darkness as time is thwarted and torn apart.

Whispers in the dark as dancing commence under excitements’ pretense

A suitable melody to quench the desires and let us sink into a blissful quagmire

Ecstatic yet pragmatic in every possible way or time would be sure to smuggle away

All that was never meant to be betrayed

Do not dismay for the prices that must be paid in the wake of a paradise serenade

Whispers in the dark so few and far apart, never to remain nor depart

Motionless in the moonlight as stars seek to serve Heaven’s might

A moment to abandon all that has been fathomed

Do not look back or else all will render into the black with only

Whispers in the dark to reside in their stubborn pride.


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