Bricks And Bars 

Behind the bricks and iron bars Where sunlight only passes by With no word or sign of how to Survive the deprivation of liberty In all its’ luxeries and possibilities. 

Behind the bricks and bars, far From the fires that created this Iron, from the chains that reign in A firm grip of security, maintaining the equality of Separation, fruitless in all its’ relations.

Behind the bricks and bars unseen To all but the beholder of the key Where freedom surrounds with a Taunting melody, temptations lie In wait without a single solitary Care, no time to prepare for all That awaits is despair, somewhat Quite unfair.

Behind the bricks and bars with no Purpose or means as time has solemnly decreed in the hands of Thieves with their dullset tones of A calamity in the wake of diverting From their own depravity, where The truth becomes profanity in the Wake of a monarchs’ vanity.

Behind the bricks and bars with no Tricks or wonders to inject Disbelief in the deafening storms Surrounding a quintessential Existence, warned to keep the Distance or else these bricks and Bars will become our fate with no Space or time to debate. 

The bricks and bars lie in eternal Patience until becoming the final Destination of our existence. 


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