Stares & Smiles

Stares and smiles of innocent fondness, triggering so very much to ponder. As the raindrops litter the windows like little micro particles of wonder set into a sparkle as the sun rays’ goes for a wander. As the stream rises slowly from a coffee pot filling the air and our senses unaware. 

Take a moment to catch him stare Or smile for a second before Flittering away, for he is not to be Distracted as they say – even with The music commencing many to Sway, time will not delay or be lead Astray even with temptations Lying in wait sparking heated Debates.

Oh with those stares and smiles Such hysteria did he create Rendering hearts to beat faster And her composure in a disaster Oh to be forgotten with no Sentiments  or even the Application of false resentment to Cast everything away, the laughter And smiles won’t be kept at bay.

Logical virtues to let it be and stop Believing he to be the sole Affection of her soul’s majesty         A year goes by and still the pretense is kept so never will he suspect or become aware.

Yet then he stares and smiles without reason or purpose, oh to let these feeling be divorced and have them run their final course. She stares at the caffeinated concopsion wishing for a revelation, a sign of her misinterpretation.

Stares and smiles – could it be nothing or is she simply in denial to the true sentiments of he and everything that’s meant to be. 


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