As Time Decays

Float away as time decays

Lost in this activity of resistance and formalities. Never to question the legality

The profanity of wasted days where rumors linger in whispers leading us astray – time is ours to decay – let the formalities sway – as time decays.

Before the dying light fades away for even thought it cannot stay. Tis better to just float away as time decays. Follow the path as tyrants reigns with majestic wrath – as time decays on this dreaded path.

Daring to stray from the permitted way, as Crimson skies darken and sullen features break away as dangerous fancies lead us astray as time decays.
Broken away from the fray all that exists set to be betrayed. Abandoned yet surrounded so easily lead astray as time decays

Tell the figure in beige and black there is no need to give the heart back – no need for salvation or some iconic revelation – only their presence will suffice through the twinkling eyes of innocent – the source of a souls’ fire and ice.
Apologies and sorrows mere fabrications of the thieves that serve only to lie and deceive seeking only to hide something up their sleeves.

For when damage is done no more is needed to ease or reverse the shun. To what end will the finale be received as hearts are shattered in a frenzied fray all in the wake as time decays…


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