Change the Key

Change the key

Not a decree or a trial to persevere through some untold mystery

Whereby one must overcome some fascination out of the blue

Too few are we to truly see what a thing of beauty this can be

Here I stand surrounded in blinding light of the fire you ignited

Am I supposed to be delighted by the sight of you standing there?

Dressed in black and white, shoes shined and spectacles twinkling in the sunlight.

A sight for sore eyes, with all the risks of an innocence compromised

But oh how delicious would this demise be, worth every second for an end to this misery

Even when in reality I do not want to be set free

Change the key

The tempo too fast paced, for sure it will be regarded a disgrace

The melody too restricted, the pretense too false, with no chance of a waltz

This endless waltz with denial, where distractions work only by a fraction

No hope of satisfaction, always left speechless after brief interactions

Perhaps it is a fabrication in the mind, influenced by false-some fancies in silly songs

Change the key

Three shadowy figures well dressed and proud, humble to the ever adoring crowd

All adrift in the cold blue sea, awash with their harmonies, heavenly though they may be,

Drenched in a trio of colors set to spark an excitement eternal

Harmless it can never be, not when adrift at sea, searching for that aphrodisiac whomever it may be

Change the key

Forgot the mystery, depart from the affliction known as he,

Nothing is meant, better to abandon then repent, for goodness is with he

Even if only a few can see

Change the key

Enough time has passed

It is true emotions are build to last

But not with he

It’s time to change the key..


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