Let it be 

Let it be forgotten

Let it become a thing unwanted and unwarranted, no matter how torrential the reign may be not how the emotions rises in a tsunami of elatation, blinded to the reality of such devastation.

This manifestation of a false pretense, where foolish fantasies rule and conquer the stability of reality for all to see, the wreckage of unwanted vanity.

Let it be forgotten

Let it dissolve in this final act of denials resolve, the only solution available. 

Let it be known that such a thing will be forgotten, a year of pondering and wondering must be at an end, and such notions never to be left to arise in search of the falsome prize.

Let it be abandoned on chaos’ throne, cast aside for the sake of a families’ pride.

Let it be gone

The final song has been sung

Let it be banished

The fatalities and fancies exile for all of eternity, restore paradise and serenity.

Let it be gone and never spoken of again, all traces removed, all memories erased in the wake of this disgrace. 

Let it be known that all is at peace, thankfully and without any incidents to disrupt the harmony that is of the solitary, somethings are just not meant to be.

Let it be free

Let it be put to rest, make haste for this is truly for the best, enough as been put to the test, and the only thing remaining is to remind myself of a single truth, all of this was meant to be, and forever it should be free. 

It is time to let it be…


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