An instrument of simplicity

An instrument of simplicity

Irresistible once in the vicinity

Leaving a sensation of complete elation infinite and divine

Could this be a something to call mine

Hear the noise grow louder

As the sensations become prouder

Observe the celebrations as they create much devastation

In the wake of a production quite sublime

Who is there to offer a symbol of truth in this shrine of lies

An instrument of simplicity

Comprised and composed to flatter

Shatter all doubts to dust

As ashes form in the wake of the fading flames

Tis part of the game they say

And who are we to display what may cause disarray

To betray an instrument of simplicity

A notion absurd and poised to waken calamity

Lost forever in this vanity

The need to preserve and maintain what needs to be reserved

Is this not what is deserved

As the melody grows to the climax

A symphony to capitalize on secrets to demise

An instrument of simplicity

Play on for all an eternity

After all this is a fraternity

Designed to last for an eternity

To salute blissful domesticity

In the wake of this instrument of simplicity  





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