Street lights 

Street lights flicker and grown Illuminating the cobbled streets I Have walked down many times Before with eager eyes ready to Explore all the mysteries & Wonders, igniting much to ponder.
Street lights shine dimly bright in The wake of a sleepy sun’s light That once set oceans a sparkle of Sapphires, a sight of pure delight As the gentle winds set the palm Trees in motion, one of nature’s commotions. 

Street lights by houses of cream and white, each brick with a story to tell, the mysteries the region’s seas or else the forest and mountains surrounding high above.

Street lights scattered or in a line, perfectly arranged in a memorable shrine.  The clock in the town square tower, a majestic presence for all to stare and be made aware of such Treasures only a place like this could share. One in particular ignited the fire and pride.

Street lights twinkle as the town comes to life, come rain or shine, Nothing will be as much of a paradise as here, with little or nothing to fear.

No matter how life may be or the levels to which one may be free, one place will remain an elysium of serenity. The one and only that is Abruzzo, a place where all visitors’ heart belong to thee. 


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