What is in such a specimen of Power and presence, committed to Making an everlasting resonance With such electricity and might, a Combination aimed at darkness or light. 


Only so many words can be said, to Create an earthquake, leaving us All to shiver and shake, enchanted By this haze within life’s colorful Maze where no guides reside to aid In sudden escapes or means of Remedying adrenalines’ need to Be fed. 


Where circumstances leave you Lying awake in bed till the dawn, Exhausted and forlorn with Dreams left tattered and torn, Upon the floor you lie to rest for a Minute is all you can manage at Best, how else to pass this test.


Signals flash and glow as all the Traffic slows, time stops in the Wake of frustration’s growth           To prompt haste like the hands of An aphrodisiac around your waist Oh, how sweet does recklessness taste? 


Enough has been said and still There is dread, like that of a needle Slipping on silken thread in the Fabric of life’s creation – no chance to stop in hesitation – or cry over some minute devastation. 


Preparation is complete as at last You conquer all that should’ve Defeated, no miraculous events needed, for now you have succeeded, and time has heeded. All this and more in the wake of The color red. 


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