There is silence 

There is silence 

There is an illusion 

There is the sweet sweet melody of a midsummer delusion

A broken treasure hidden away in seclusion 

To what end will this infusion bring

As we are left too exhausted to bring ourselves to the finale’s door

Hearts and souls scattered on the floor. Not abandoned or forgotten merely laid to rest in the wake of a melancholy disgrace.

There is silence 

It is deafening and profound 

Like that of the icy hail bellowing from darkening clouds

Scream aloud yet nobody hears

For all will fall on deaf ears frozen in the winter winds of fear. 

There is silence 

The only hope of salvation in an unlikely alliance 

Yet no strength or will remain for such defiance 

There is a silence 

Forever and true 

Remaining for an eternity

Till resolves fail and render us helpless as the silence beckons us away to set sail on a voyage to surrendering all to the arms of liberty, a tranquil land of calming serenity until there is silence. 


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