The Night is Cold 

The night is cold The sky dark and filled with storms untold. 

Time has been sold for more than Just for gold it has been foretold. Here you linger like a second shadow. Lying in wait, debating how to Anticipate this inevitable fate.
The night is cold 

Warmth of summer has been stolen Away, taken unseen to your palace far far away

Who are we to dismay, come what May, here to remain regardless of the Cold summer with its’ endless rain.
The night is cold – secret stories lie in wait eager to be told or better yet sold

The highest bidder will suffice no matter what the price or sacrifice Your wish is my command Regardless of how profound 

The night is cold and all because of he – was this really how it was meant to be?
Euphoria gone yet the emotions remain, lying in wait like a second Shadow ready to claim and drain all. Energy and strength, leaving nothing in it’s wake. 
The night is cold with all colors gone – nobody is here to sing your favorite song, or ponder how all this came to be. 


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