Sleepy Slumbers 

Sleepy slumbers as the thunder rumbles – causing the sky to grumble whilst the rain tumbles.What aims to be achieved as tranquility and peace crumbles 

A true reflection of nature’s diverse perfection

Oh to what ends will this affection reign for even in sleepy slumbers the thoughts of you still remain 

Even when you are absent for the longest of times – still I search for you, unaware and unprepared 

To what depths will this journey take

To reach the point where this ache no longer exists

Sleepy slumbers and vivid dreams with you always there, like some temporary remedy laid bare.
Maybe this is all to dictate and educate on the vices and virtues of a romance. 

Forbidden though it may be, and impossible by all means true Maybe this is why my thoughts are constantly of you. 

Your voice to hear in my ear      Your lips I wish to kiss, to rest beside you in silent bliss With nothing but time to dismiss.

Sleepy slumbers with the rain pours down in the wake of the clouds grief
Oh, to sigh with relief, to awake with no memories of you. 


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