One that steal time and immerses all in an endless decent of confusion and discontent


In vain, trying to obstain and avoid, from the inevitable

A week, a month, a year goes by and still you remain the apple of my eye

Give me one good reason why, I cannot swim in this ocean of denial

For all this feels like a trial, when you glance or smile in my direction

For what is your purpose and true intentions, but to devastate like a  hurricane  

Time stands still from the resonance of your voice

Left with little choice, whether to curse or rejoice

Or else get lost in this eternal abyss, your beautiful masterpiece

Peace and war, forever entwined in a frantic waltz to the symphony of your voice

Windswept and drenched in the reign of you and your endless hurricane 

Appear out of nowhere and let the destruction embrace and tear away all trace

Of the existence where you did not reside in my life

An endless hurricane of pleasure and pain

Forever destined to be drenched in your endless reign






Author’s Note:

Thank you for all the likes and feedback! I am still very new to wordpress and how it all works. The poems I write are part of a summer creative writing course I am doing (never written poetry before so it’s all a new experience – thank you all again! xo)


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