How can it be?

How can it be that fantasies cease to exist, as though swallowed in an invisible mist, a product of your existence.
Alas, I missed the section of this tale when my resistance would prevail, never to waver or fail.

How can it be even real all that I feel should banish away all luxeries except you, is it to be the act in this web of secret affection? A thing so precious and in need of Protection and any detection. 

How can it be that a single being Such as you, a never to be, that is You and me, should seize the heart  And conduct its’ rhythm to the Melody of a potential sin within. 

How can it be you, a being of pure Delight to set my world alight with The might of a majestic empire Particuarly when this can never be Why will you not break this fantasy and let everything be in Liberty.

How can it be that the only conductor and author of this tale is Me, & indeed the only one capable Of releasing thee from me.


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