How can it be translated for thee?

How can it be translated for thee?

Into words to reflect this elevated sensation

An incredible fascination

The unexpected source of salvation

What words are there to be expressed

That would justify these sentiments I feel

To say thank you with humble airs and grace

Would fail to achieve the very explanation

To this feeling of sparkling revelation

How can it be translated for thee?

This feeling mirroring a fairytale in its’ creation

A thing of beauty and ecstatic devastation

Perhaps simplicity is the key to expressing this finale

Where complications have no place to explain this situation

How can it be translated for thee?

Through music and song, but even that feels wrong

Through rhymes and verses alone give a notion almost absurd

The answer is clear and precise, every detail in place with no need to hid in disgrace

For it is you, the symbol and source of this feeling of elation, a beauty in creation

How can it be translated for thee?

To you I must thank and wish well, though it is not a finale or a farewell

To you one ordinary to many, has stirred a revolution quiet and unseen

Yet permanent in its’ beautiful fatality

There is nothing I want or need from you than this

An eternal wish for your health and happiness

Safety and harmony with no such existence or mention of negativity

How can it be translated for thee?

If anyone is owed and deserved of luxury and joy it is you

The simplicity of a thank you, to which I owe eternally to you alone


Fairytales and fantasies could not depict or describe you

Because in reality somethings are just not meant to be

No matter how much affection or care is held

How can it be translated for thee?

What is the right word to be said that can put this matter to bed

And let it be forever laid to rest, never to be spoken of aloud or said

Three simple words is all that is needed

To finalize the flourishing plant that has been seeded

Three simple words to you I must say, even if they are to be unheard

How can it be translated for thee?

The hardest thing to express, at least for me, I must confess

Three words, nothing obscure or absurd, and never to be heard by you

Perhaps then I will finally be free, although I doubt hope lies in wait for me

Three words, one, two, three, now is the time to confess and let it be expressed

In simple terms no more or less that  I love you…






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