There’s No Place Like Home



There’s no place like home

Where every chair is a throne

And all who reside within are without unnecessary sin

A place to settle and slumber whether beneath the warming sun on a garden chair

Or beside a roaring fire, embraced by blankets and cups of hot chocolate to share

There is no place like home

A dwelling to call ones’ own

In this place to work or rest – no matter how one is dressed

Families and friends attend or reside, to aid and take pride in this abode of security

A home, no matter its’ location, is a thing of purity

Without obscurity or any thing unknown, with the exception of strangers calling on the telephone

There is no place like home

Whether it is by an ocean of blue serenity or a forest of emerald green

A city majestic and filled with excitable sounds and a sense of something profound

For no matter where life may take us or how it may create us, forever and always there will be

No place better or with the same nature, than somewhere to call home.


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