Until he emerged out of the blue

Until he emerged out of the blue

No warning, or sign, or the slightest clue

Our first encounter was an incident to spark humorous ridicule

A harmless accident that turned his attention my way

Apologies exchanged with nothing more to disclaim

We carried on our ways, harmless and disengaged


His beauty was a thing of divine rarity

His voice a tone to ignite many emotions whether humour, interest or simple devotion

Oh what a notion, an exaggerated one at that, to believe any such feelings held significance

Never had there been the need to take the stage

To develop a false pretense of indifference

That was until he emerged out of the blue 

The second incident confusion arose

Time had gone by yet still he remembers me and all that there is to see

How could this even be?

Perhaps encounters are too frequent and so I began to avoid he

But still could not contain the curiosity within, for it would not be a sin to know his name

To at least give him an identity and extinguish the fires of mystery, end this interest for eternity.

But no, this was not to be, for the name he possessed, caused a spark of further interest for he

How typical the irony, for his name to be, one I held to the highest favoritism degree

All had been calm until he emerged out of the blue 

Yet I was determined to see it through, for it could not last long

Memorable and charming he continued to be, while the fascinations grew steadily

There was nothing to eliminate, through countless attempts had been tried, through avoidance, forgetting, and measures to confide all traces of feeling

Brief moments of believing they had decayed away,  but only until he emerged out of the blue 

Did I see the levels to which I had been a fool, for all efforts were in vain, and more do I grow tired of this distain

A year has passed by and still it remains, an irresistible condition to which he is the sole fixation

The secret affections exist and remain to this very day, an achievement I never thought possible or true

Until he emerged out of the blue I had no clue that there could be a person as fascinating as he….



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