Azzurra sprints down the street with no time to be discrete

Her haste exists only in her mind, an endless need to escape

Thoughts and feelings following closely at her heels

An endless stream of memories impossible to leave behind

Love is the emotion that will never die, even with an impossible circumstance

No matter how much she may conceal and deny.

The need grows ever greater for an existence beyond one she has known

Forlorn and cold, all the voices advising her against ambition and dreams

The risks too great and the dangers will surely result in a disastrous fate

“Do not let idleness divert from safety and security, mundane it may be, at least you are free” 

To abandon and forgot is better that than to live in reckless regret.

And so Azzurra succombs and agrees, even with every summer igniting the adventurous fire once more

These dreams are best left as musing on papers scattered across the floor

Nothing more, a solemn vow, to be etched upon her furrowed brow

But one night in May an incident arose that lead to a tidal wave of a discovery

The missing pieces of shattered dreams, all too immense to believe real

Igniting hope, love, ambition, strength and bravery – no more would fear and disillusion raise alarms or cause ill-will and harm.

There was no fear or frustration, any source to bring about a negative diversion

No haste, no feeling of time running at a waste, or of agitated debates

Could  this be her true fate? One where no person could decimate or reject.

The path is set, and the signs are there, even without seeking the reminders will find her

There is no fear or disdain as Azzurra runs with liberty, as emeralds and rubies sparkle in the white warming rays of sun

The beginning of life has awoken with excited anticipation, awaiting for the finale, that will surely secure Azzurra’s salvation.



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