Heart and soul wide awake as the brain slumbers on within the forest of dreams

With the torrential reign of unconscious desires pouring down

All of which have been set a blaze ever since catching sight of your gaze

Now it’s on repeat, waiting for the next moment for you to appear

Watch me run, because all we can live for is the thrill

Because of the will and the mindset

Everything else is erased

Even at 3AM when the nation slumbers on

Here I will remain, heart and soul raising questions with each beat

Recalling the time when I stopped without caught and gazed up just as you arrive, headlights ablaze even in broad daylight

Oh that sensation and the sight

Keeping the heart and soul wide awake at 3AM

It gets better with the anticipation

The expectant and knowledge you will be there

A little early or late, makes no matter, heart and soul always knows without fear or doubt

How did it come to be that you’re the goal and the agenda

Whatever you wish

I will know without hesitation or doubt

Despite the shadows lingers even at 3AM

Call it a sin, call it salvation, call it the wake up siren to start a revolution

This is evolution of a heart and soul that cannot rest or slumber

It’s racing on as though chased by thunder

Like a dark paradise with you on my mind,

It’s almost as if Lana Del Rey wrote that lie

Better play some hits on repeat even if it is 3AM

No hurry or rush to sleep, the brain can slumber on

But so long as your remain the goal and the prize

The heart and soul can never rest

Not sight catching the sight of you

Justifying that nickname I gave you

Being the question and the answer

Being the reason why I suddenly understand what the heck all these singer songwriters were going on about


Come drive by and wake my brain up again.



They called him Jim

Tall and thin with a manner that made trust easy and comforting like a cooling breeze.

Not a man without his sins but goodness remained even when surrounded by slander and distain.

Intelligence is his safe and his shield even if at time too much or too little was revealed.

They called him Jim

Through the ages he had always been in between two options neither good or bad

Yet whichever choice was made he was held to the price that was to be paid

Feet remained firmly on the ground, conviction and dedication always profound in ways that could astound.

Neither a hero or a villain, whether listening to some records by Bob Dylan, or filing the line at an ever growing queue

There was a special element about the man they called Jim that inspired confidence and concern whenever I saw him.

They called him Jim

Not a man without goodness or sin

Always on the steady path even if certain decisions lead to a turbulent aftermath

True to his words and rare ever absurd,

He accomplished a great deal and one day in the future a time will come when he May be more than just a fellow called Jim,

And become the James he always had been.

But for now he’s just a man called Jim

Count your lucky stars if you ever get to see him.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans and a sweater

Ain’t nothing more that can make a heart skip quicker

Acceleration and anticipation in the midst of unavoidable precipitation

A single look and it is complete and utter devastation

A figure of perfection at least to my frontal lobe, completely adsorbed

Skinny jeans and a sweater

With jet black hair that should mere blue underneath these lights

Like something out of a fantasy

Lost in the times you have inspired and guided without being aware

I opened my eyes for the first time and caught a glimpse of you

The unprecedented domino effect that was you

Skinny jeans and a sweater

For once eyes linger elsewhere and not locked on a screen

Engrossed in watching your favorite thing

The level of questions is obscene the torrent of answers that linger around you

Lost in the sight, lost in the image that is of you

Dashing from head to toe

I never believed until my eyes caught sight of you

Skinny jeans and a sweater

Silver SUV in the parking lot that you race along the highway making the heart sway

Now I’m searching for a map to find a way out

Yet still end up getting lost in your presence

Out of sight and out of mind

Not even looking and yet you keep appearing

No longer warranting the urge of disappearing

Skinny jeans and a sweater

Or else navy and black with hints of neon green

You’re the greatest masterpiece I have ever seen

Even if your eyes are usually fixed on the screen.

I Saw A Face

I saw a face

I felt the pace of a heart in an unfamiliar rhythm

That sent shockwaves down and up the spine

Igniting questions

Causing motivation and curiosity to rise from the slumbering flames

Beyond the ability of intellect or reason

I saw a face

That was both a stranger and familiar

It brought the fire and the ice

It left a trace that can never be taken back

I saw a face

I heard a voice

I got lost in another reality far from the norm

Abandoned the past that had rendered the mind forlorn and torn

Between loneliness and sorrow

Pondering and comparing

Wishing for a symbol or a sign

Whilst all the while it was always there

The face I saw and will continue to forever more

Makes lift more bearable and less a chore.

All because of the face I saw.


In another universe

In another universe there would be courage

In another universe you wouldn’t be on my mind

In another universe I would have the courage to try

In another universe there would be a sign or a hint to catch your eye

Not solely as we past each other by, or I hold the door open for you to hear your kind thank you.

In another universe I would ask you a question

In another universe there would be an opportunity to know you

In another universe nine months wouldn’t have gone by without us passing each other by

Even when you’re not there my mind behaves like you are

Near or far, I am at a loss

In another universe you wouldn’t rule yet here I sit pondering why I am a fool

Changed the melody, changed the key, yet all the while your eyes are fixed on your screen

Or doing your usual routine as per, in the evenings even on a valentine’s night

You’re always an unexpected sight to see, a thing of beauty

In another universe I would make a move, even to pass a letter or note, an invitation

But the danger is there and I don’t want to disturb or perturb you in anyway

No matter how much our paths cross from the weights to the elliptical machine

To opposite ends of a swimming pool

Congratulations, I dived in because of you.

In another universe you wouldn’t linger on my mind for close to a year.

In another universe I would be free and have to courage to dismiss you

Instead I find myself counting down the days until you come by

In another universe

Snow White

Snow White

Found myself caught in the headlights

Surrendering logic and reason

So long as you are near

So long as you are here

Starting the ignition

Searching for permission

Just to fulfil this mission

You’re perfect in imperfect ways

In ways I cannot explain

You’re the antidote to everything I held in vain

Through silence and stillness

Here I remain immersed

Snow White

Standing board and tall

From the strength of shoulders down to the tips of your toes

Why did I have to see it all

The black ink crafted into a shining sun

Eyes like the darkest of nights filled with soulful stars

Wait to the age of cliche, where I am Venus and you are Mars

To say I wish I could stay or find some words to say, or have you approach once more

Instead only memories remain, unconditional and forevermore

The potential was there to be a thing to adore

It’s becoming too obvious

Snow White

Standing board and tall

What would be given to follow your path, to bare your joys and your wrath, the sadness and any pain

To endure it all

Your strength and mystery

All things I wish I could know

Snow White

Tonight I saw a sight so clear

Never before and yet I stood tall

Trying to figure out where you came from and why you continue to linger on

In my mind, always nearby

Until you leave and I am left wondering why, I still cannot get you out of my mind

Snow White

The conductor of this peaceful storm

Board shoulders and dark hair

The trace of a black design resembling the sun’s shine

Perfect in Imperfect ways

Whether dressed in navy and black, head inclined and eyes locked on a screen

Or else lost in thought and reminiscing

Why is it always you I end up missing

Snow White

You’re an unforgettable sight

And thought the moments are long gone, never to become anything more

Still I wish in silence

We could become more

As you once mentioned

That left a curious heart on the floor

Snow White

You’re a delight

A perfect imperfection

Taking breath away even with a single glance in a particular direction.

I wish

I wish

I wish hear your voice once more even if it’s just to say hello

I wish to learn from you and the ways that helped you grow

I wish know your thoughts and impressions of the world today

I wish to just be in your company, granted just having you around would be good enough for me

It’s the simplest of things but the hardest, too

How many months have go by, and try as I might, you’re still lingering by

Like a ghost going to and fro, passing by quietly whilst I forget and get lost

I wish to just be in your eyes

I wish I could remove you from my mind, though in truth that would be a lie

I wish I didn’t like you lingering there

I wish I wasn’t so taken by your quizzical expression and dark hair

I wish I could understand why things are this way, time after time, always ending up on the same line, neither afraid or brave enough to take action or do things to make a change

I wish I could just go my own way without being influenced by your ways

I wish just to be numb because in all honesty I am looking for no one

I wish my heart wouldn’t skip

I wish my head wouldn’t spin

I wish I was stronger than to linger on to a ghost that you have now become

I wish I didn’t miss you as I do

I wish I could have had more time with you

I wish I could have been there

I wish there was a single way just to communicate and let each other know it’s okay

I wish I didn’t feel this way

I wish to go back to the very first days when you were but a beautiful stranger that took me by surprise and lead me on to the right way.